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We can salvage anything you need and want, and construct whatever you desire. We also develop projects and plans adapted to the available demolition technology, of any contracting authority. With our highly trained staff and our own machinery, we can take on any project and any task you need doing. We can demolish salvage and construct any residential, commercial or infrastructure facilities.

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With our own machinery and workforce, we fulfill all the ideas on the arrangement of the terrain of our investors and colleagues in the architectural or planning profession.

Demolition and Salvage

Demolition work is done exclusively by mechanical means, and the same involves the dismantling of previously cut parts of the construction using hydraulic hammers and scissors.

Rental of machinery

our company owns construction machinery and for your needs, we will rent it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with our highly trained professionals.

Construction Tips

Mechanical demolition belongs to a group of modern technologies and is done by excavators with different types of feeders and hydraulic tools that are designed and manufactured for this purpose only. Hammers and processors of various sizes and strengths demolish and crush the objects of the greatest hardness built of reinforced concrete. For projects requiring limited work, the use of mini-machines helps to ensure safe and effective demolition.

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Our Team

  • New, modern and contemporary projects

    In our team, we have a large number of experts who work together on improving, designing and writing numerous projects for our numerous private and government clients. Our projects are modern, innovative and, above all, safe. We are proud of the work our team is doing.

  • High Flexibility

    For every terrain, building, sewerage, concrete or idea our team is able to find the ideal solution that adapts to your desires. Our teams are able to offer you everything you want to achieve, with great professionalism and care. Our teams on the ground are highly skilled and trained.

  • Full Responsibility

    The team of experts will reach the final goal that is set as soon as possible. We value time and quality very much, and we know the importance of solving the projects in the agreed deadline with the agreed plans and goals that are maximally respected.

Why Choose Us? has so far completed – reconstructed and adapted a large number of facilities for different purposes. Reconstruction and restoration of local cultural heritage sufficiently speak of the expertise and quality we possess. Our teams are quick, attentive, highly skilled, and they all have an invaluable experience. Our machinery is new, high-quality, superbly designed, modern and regularly checked. A respectable number of our completed projects will guarantee you a well-done job.

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