Innovation in Construction Business Sectors

Investing in organizational reform and infrastructure in research, development and innovation sector involves strengthening research, development and innovation capacities by supporting organizational reform/change and infrastructure development to improve quality, scope, and relevance.

Innovations in concrete – the concrete that lights up

Fiber optic fiberboard panels are equipped with color changing technology, where the colors become brighter one hour before sunset. LED panels are controlled using internet-based technology, and each panel contains 3% optical fiber.

Lighting technology opens new boundaries for design and architecture since the panels are made of red, green and blue chips that control more than 16 million colors. In addition, all panels can be controlled independently, which means that the whole facade can become a large screen. A light on-screen display can be controlled via the Internet or a mobile device, and interactive elements, such as text and logos, can be displayed on the screen.

Innovation in construction business sectors

New on the market are companies dealing with wastewater treatment from industry, sanitary and fecal and atmospheric wastewater, which are now making great progress in the field of construction for the new product – static fluid mixer. A static fluid mixer is an innovation on the market, it mixes two different fluids and makes one that is evenly distributed. There are also new air treatments – air filters for window shafts against unpleasant smells from the sewer, as well as several products against the unpleasant odors of the wastewater treatment plants themselves.

LG Electronics presented the latest state-of-the-art solutions for air conditioning and sanitary water preparation for residential and commercial buildings and industry in 2019. The emphasis is on VRF technologies with the highest degree of efficiency and heat pumps of air-water for residential construction.

There are also new services provided to project designers based on design software used in architecture, construction, engineering, etc. With Virtual Reality Technology, a new VR technology based on Autodesk software and the Unity Platform for making computer games, developed over the past few years and allowing the user to walk through the design model.